Sclerotinia. Let's find out symptoms and remedies together

Not only insects but also fungi can be very dangerous and attack the plant causing more or less serious damage. One of these fungal diseases is sclerotinia and is caused by fungi belonging to the Ascomycetes family. There sclerotinia it attaches itself to the plant by feeding and thus becoming a real parasite. The peculiarity of this fungus and in particular of its spores is that of hiding and camouflaging itself in the innermost parts of the plants, under the leaves, in the cracks; for this reason many times the plant has already been attacked but the fact is not noticed; and this happens above all in the winter months, while in the spring they tend to escape and this is due to the fact that during the summer months the temperatures are higher and there is a high level of humidity, a crucial factor for the proliferation of the parasite.

There is a great trick, however, to prevent this parasite from attacking plants. it is therefore advisable to eliminate all plant remains from the ground because in the winter months the fungus hides right among the branches and trunks cut by pruning. Sclerotinia is very friendly to the wind, thanks to it it sticks to any part of the plant, from bulbs to flowers, becoming more and more dangerous for the whole life of the plant.


The symptoms caused by sclerotinia are not all the same, which is also why many people are unable to identify the disease at first, in fact sclerotinia is characterized differently based on the species of fungus responsible for the attack. Sclerotinia trifoliorum, for example, affects legumes, while sclerotinia sclerotium particularly affects vegetables, forming in this specific case real molds and white masses similar to cotton. The sclerotinia that affects ornamental plants causes dryness in the flowers and leaves, while in the fruits it obviously presents itself damaging and rotting them, creating important lesions, making them inedible.

Very often this fungal disease is not recognized immediately and is confused with other diseases, as the mold that sclerotinia creates can be white or gray in color and therefore commonly confused with other diseases that have similar symptoms.

In the thickest parts of the plant, such as roots and bulbs, sclerotinia creates important dark-colored swellings, therefore very visible to the naked eye. The flowers with their attached leaves and fruits can be covered with a dark gray rot of a velvety texture. The heaviest affected leaves tend to dry out quickly and then fall off, the same thing happens for flowers. Very often the fruits produced by the plant attacked by the parasite are no longer even visible because the mold completely envelops them, obviously these are the most serious cases, when the disease is in an advanced state.

The main cause of sclerotinia is linked to the environment, so it is important to keep an eye on the climatic conditions. In fact, the ideal condition that favors the proliferation of this disease is abundant rain combined with excessive humidity, as explained at the beginning. For this reason it is important to keep irrigation under control (and consequently also rainfall), because if done excessively they can cause favorable conditions for the development and growth of the fungus.

As in many other cases the best cure is prevention and in this particular fungus it is a good thing, as mentioned, to control the conditions of the soil, avoiding excessive irrigation and stagnation, eliminating all environmental conditions that lead to the creation of a humid environment, what exactly sclerotinia loves. An excellent trick to defeat this disease by avoiding water accumulations is to promote the circulation of water in the soil in question.

In addition to these preventive factors, there are always natural but at the same time useful remedies, such as the use of rock flour and horsetail infusion, to be sprinkled all over the infected plant.

When unfortunately the plant is in very serious conditions it is advisable to proceed with the burning of the damaged parts, thus completely eliminating all parasites and bacteria.

So do not forget these small tricks, without underestimating the first symptoms that could then become the cause of more serious infections and diseases.

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Enlarged liver: symptoms, causes and natural remedies

Written by Agnese Tondelli on 11 January 2018. Posted in Health.

Enlarged liver is a fairly common condition, which can have numerous causes. Let's find out together how to recognize the disorder and treat it

The enlarged liver is a fairly common problem that determines a lower efficiency of the organ. The result? You feel more tired, fatigued and the whole body suffers.

The causes that can lead to a excess fat in liver cells they are different and more or less serious. Here are the most common and how to intervene.

Remember that the liver is responsible for dozens of functions that keep the body healthy. This vital organ is very important for:

  • Weight loss
  • Digestion
  • Blood sugar levels
  • Hormonal balance
  • Concentration and energy
  • Immune system
  • Cardiovascular system

Therefore, the liver must be the number 1 priority to restore balance and general condition.

Chickenpox: how to recognize and treat it naturally

Written by Caterina Lenti on 6 October 2016. Published in Natural Remedies.

Problems with chickenpox? Discover natural remedies to speed up the course of the disease and alleviate the symptoms caused by the virus

Has your child contracted chickenpox and you don't know how to relieve him? Let's find out together this disease and which natural remedies to adopt so that it passes as soon as possible.

What is chickenpox

Chickenpox is an infectious disease that mostly affects children between the ages of 5 and 10. However, it is not uncommon for adults in all age groups to contract it as well. It is caused by varicella-zoster, a virus that spreads quickly through the area through contact with the mucous membranes. It is highly contagious, especially in the five days prior to the onset of symptoms and up to five days after its onset. It has an incubation period of 10-21 days. For this reason, infections occur massively, affecting entire classes of children.

What are the symptoms of chickenpox

Chickenpox occurs with the appearance of small itchy “pink papules” all over the body, particularly on the limbs, face, trunk and scalp. This rash will turn into fluid-filled blisters. After a couple of days the blisters will burst, forming granular crusts. In addition to the characteristic “blisters”, varicella-zoster may also accompany other symptoms. Fever, headache, sore throat, chills, profuse sweating, loss of appetite, and general malaise are the most common.

Natural remedies to take in case of chickenpox

If your child has contracted the varicella-zoster virus, you just have to take some measures to alleviate their symptoms and relieve them. The blisters in fact cause an annoying itch that leads to scratching, thus causing small scars.

Trim the baby's nails when the first bubbles appear and make him wear cotton gloves at night to limit the damage.

To reduce itching, treat the blisters with water and baking soda. Or use good quality honey, which nourishes the skin and speeds up its healing process.

Another widely used remedy are sponging with oatmeal or rice starch diluted in hot water.

Also, opt for lightweight, natural-fiber clothing that is breathable and not too tight, so as to reduce rubbing with blisters. Finally, use natural soaps and detergents, rich in nutrients and emollients.

Combat chickenpox with the "rainbow" diet

If you are suffering from chickenpox, it is necessary to adopt a targeted diet, which helps to accelerate the course of the disease. In particular, choose a diet rich in whole foods, with an abundance of fruits and vegetables in all the variety of colors available in season. This varied and “colorful” diet is able to supply the phytonutrients necessary to strengthen the immune system. Also, give your child juices rich in vitamins A and C, such as fresh carrot juice or lemon juice, sweetened with water and honey. Limit your intake of sugars, processed foods, fizzy drinks and dairy products.

Menopause: symptoms, ailments and remedies

There menopause it corresponds to the beginning of a new and delicate stage of life, which occurs when, for a woman, 12 months have passed since her last menstruation. This biological process is not without inconvenience and symptoms specific, such as weight gain, difficulty falling asleep, mood destabilization and hot flashes, which do not necessarily have to be accepted passively. Let's find out together, in the following paragraphs, what are the symptoms of menopause and how to calmly face this change in your life with natural solutions.


There menopause it is the beginning of a new and delicate stage of life, diagnosed, in most cases, between the ages of 50 and 55, when 12 months have passed since the last menstruation. This new stage of life is a biological process which involves all women, who, however, manifest and experience different but specific symptoms, such as hot flashes and emotional malaise, which can also interfere with the quality of sleep and, consequently, also with the quality of their life, lowering the vital energy to face the day in an optimal way and influencing their own psychoemotional health.

Fortunately, the market today offers numerous solutions and alternatives that help control the symptoms of menopause, from lifestyle changes to natural, vitamin-based solutions to embrace this new stage of life. with greater awareness and serenity.

Let's find out together, in the following paragraphs, which are the symptoms of menopause and how to deal with them natural solutions.

Menopause: symptoms

In the periods or years preceding the menopause, scientifically known as "perimenopause", the woman may exhibit some or a combination of the signals and i symptoms that follow in the list:

During perimenopause, it is not unusual for a woman to become pregnant as well. Although the possibilities begin to diminish, in fact, if you notice a change in the menstrual cycle, you could also consider taking a pregnancy test.

As for the irregularities of menstruation and menstruation, it is good to keep in mind that these variations could also be the consequence of other problems, which are not necessarily perimenopause or menopause. Therefore, undergoing regular checks with your doctor and always keeping an eye on your health is extremely important, especially for preventive purposes. Finally, for menstruation and menstrual cycle irregularities, we refer to menstruation that can be scarce or abundant, last longer than necessary and even a few days, and to long or short menstrual cycles.

Menopause: best natural remedy

If, on the one hand, for every woman, the menopause it is the beginning of a new stage of life, on the other hand, for women themselves, this new stage of life coincides with the appearance of a discomfort that, most of the time, is difficult to keep at bay. Fortunately, nowadays, thanks also to the advances and discoveries achieved, there are numerous natural solutions that help keep the discomfort associated with menopause under control. Since not all natural remedies work in the same way, we would like to advise you in the following paragraph MenoPause Energy because it consists of 100% natural active ingredients, extracted and found from uncontaminated environments and territories, never chemically treated, in order to preserve their properties and purity and be taken by every woman who needs them without particular contraindications.

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The following are the ingredients of Menopause Energy which, working in synergy, restore the psychophysical well-being of the woman struggling with this so important life change:

Except if you are not allergic to even one of the natural ingredients that make up MenoPause Energy, the natural supplement is safe for the health of every woman who needs to take it, because it has no contraindications and side effects.

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What are the rules for the burial of animals in a condominium?

For burial in the condominium green areas it is good to evaluate case by case, for example, based on the size of the garden and burial methods.

L'administrator may request the condominium to show the necessary documentation for the burial (death certificate drawn up by the veterinarian), if this is missing, he should report the fact to the competent municipal office.

The simplest way is to ask the condominium for permission to bury the remains of your pet in an area previously identified within the condominium garden, so as not to cause any damage to the other condominiums.

Constipation, natural remedies

Then there are natural remedies effective in case of constipation that can be experienced when needed:

Flax seed

Flax seeds are a very effective remedy for constipation. To use them for this purpose, however, it is recommended to soak them for one night (1 tablespoon in a cup of water) covered, then drinking the contents the next morning as soon as you wake up. You can choose to take only the water, which has become gelatinous due to the presence of mucilage, or the entire content.

Psyllium seeds

Psyllium seeds are used in a similar way to flax seeds and with a large amount of water. Also in this case it is advisable to leave them to infuse for at least half an hour (but better like flax seeds for the whole night) thus allowing the mucilage to activate, they can then be filtered or drunk together with their water, but followed by the intake of additional water. In case of constipation it is recommended to take psyllium seeds twice a day but always away from meals.

Kiwi early in the morning

Thanks to the fiber content of kiwifruit, this fruit consumed early in the morning can be a simple natural remedy against constipation. As soon as you wake up, try to consume 1 or better 2 kiwis, making the rest of the breakfast only afterwards.

Prickly pears

The prickly pear is rich in mucilage, these substances once arrived in the intestine tend to draw water and thus increase the volume of stool, favoring intestinal peristaltic movements and finally evacuation.

Dried plums

Plums are the best known and most used natural laxative remedy. This is a particularly effective solution if you choose dried plums, but you must consume them regularly every day, better if away from meals.

Baked apple

A sweet and tasty natural remedy for constipation is cooked apple. Once cooked, the apple not only becomes easy to digest and assimilate but also buys greater laxative qualities. The cooked apple can be eaten for breakfast but also as a snack.

Mallow herbal tea

Mallow is one plant rich in mucilage. Taking a mallow herbal tea several times a day can be a good remedy for constipation, even during pregnancy.

Were you able to resolve constipation? Which natural remedy did you find most effective?

Francesca Biagioli

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Causes and triggers

To date the causes are not yet clear. Until a few years ago, the etiology was attributed to vasodilation following an abnormal constriction of blood vessels.

Now other experiments are being studied, where they are being considered genetic alterations or borne by the nerve signals.

Certainly i triggers can be different:

  • environmental: climate changes, very strong odors or lights, altitude, sun exposure.
  • hormonal: changes in the menstrual cycle, taking oral contraceptives
  • food: some foods seem to be related to the development of headaches, even fasting or a wrong diet can have an impact.
  • emotional: anxiety, depression, stress, intense fears.

Chlamydia, remedies

Since the cause of chlamydia is a bacterium, the only way to defeat it is to take special oral antibiotics that must be prescribed by the doctor. Since these drugs also destroy the good bacteria present in our intestines, remember to always accompany them with probiotics useful for restoring eubiosis.

There are no effective natural remedies for chlamydia, although it may be important to act on the immune system in such a way that it can better defeat the bacterium that has infected the body.

Francesca Biagioli

Circular fashion: sell the things you don't wear and adopt a sustainable behavior

Electric mobility: to the “cities of 15 minutes” with fewer cars and more scooters and e-bikes

Like having a green lawn that is always in order, to make the whole neighborhood envious

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